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Thoughts on the weekend

It was bound to happen sooner or later and it happened at Blackpool; Birmingham City lost. It wasn’t good to lose to a team adrift at the foot of the table but I wasn’t particularly worried that we lost to a team managed by Lee Clark. I don’t feel any animosity towards him. If we have to lose, I’d prefer to lose away. Given our abysmal home record last season, the team needs to play well at St Andrew’s in order to keep the home crowd’s support. The away supporters are more forgiving. Continue reading


I was not among those who wanted Lee Clark sacked or thought that he was the only one to blame for Birmingham City’s position near the bottom of the Championship League table.  And I didn’t dance in the street when he was sacked.  I was afraid that even if there was a new manager effect and the team did better for a while, it might not last and this season could be one long, dismal relegation battle. It still could be; it’s too early to predict how well or how badly the team will do. Continue reading

More change needed

On Tuesday evening it felt as though everything had changed for Birmingham City.  It had only been a couple of weeks since one manager was sacked and eight days since a new one was appointed.  Our previous home game on October 25th had ended 0 – 8, utter humiliation, but hope was renewed following our no-score draw away on November 1st. The crowd too was transformed, from miserable silence to loud support.  I stayed to the end of the Bournemouth game because the team that had capitulated were my team and I felt I needed to be there as long as they were on the pitch. On Tuesday night, I stayed because I wanted to. Continue reading

Band of brothers

I sometimes wonder why anybody would ever want to get on the managerial roller coaster. They get so much abuse, there isn’t much job security and there are so few financially sustainable clubs. Lee Clark seems to have found one with an equally dodgy setup to the club he’s just left. And surely Gary Rowett has to be a bit mad as well as brave to accept the job of managing Birmingham City. He may be able to improve performance on the pitch but he can’t sort out the ownership situation. Continue reading