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Finance or fun?

Prediction champ tableAccording to an article about stats geeks predicting the end-of-season Championship table, Birmingham City will be 5th with 86 points and a goal difference of +26. My prediction is that there will be some surprises. A team that’s not doing well now will surge up the table and one of the top teams will plunge down. It is too soon in the season for any fans to get too excited or to abandon all hope. Continue reading


Although I have been feeling unduly optimistic recently, I never completely lost touch with reality. I always knew that Birmingham City would lose sometime. So Saturday’s loss to Hull didn’t plunge me into the deepest gloom. We won four and then we lost one; it’s a setback not a tragedy. Other teams lost too. Continue reading

Back to the future

October 21st 2015 was celebrated as Back to the future day, the day that Marty McFly travelled to in the film. Looking back at how much the world has changed in thirty years should make me realise how impossible it is to predict what will happen in the future, which is no reason not to try. Continue reading

The price of a goal

The BBC Price of Football study revealed some interesting figures and facts.  Birmingham City’s tickets are reasonably priced compared to other Championship clubs; only Blackpool and Charlton had cheaper season tickets. But Birmingham don’t look so good in the ‘Price of a goal’ table.  Based on last season’s results and the cheapest season ticket price, a home goal cost about £11.50 at Birmingham in 2013-14, which was expensive for Championship goals but less than half the £27.36 per goal paid by Arsenal fans*. Premier League prices are outrageous. Continue reading

“Richer than God” by David Conn

My aim in writing this review is not to give a balanced account of the whole book but to explain why I think it should be read by fans of all English football clubs and not just those who support Manchester City.  The subtitle of the book is “Manchester City, Modern Football and Growing Up” and the middle phrase, “Modern Football”, refers to David Conn’s account of the business of football.

Continue reading

Thoughts on the business of football

I’d like to comment on the interesting Often Partisan article about the business of football.

I agree with Daniel that football is about money these days.  In one sense it always has been about money.  The men who set up the Football Association were well off and they had leisure time to play sport.  The original rules that prohibited payments to players were fine for rich men who didn’t need the money but the rules had to change when working class players became involved. Birmingham City turned professional in 1885 because their players couldn’t afford to take time off work to practice.  So the club agreed to give half of the gate money to the players. Continue reading