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Fan power

I have been thinking about people power since the Big IF rally last Saturday.  As I wrote in my last post1, I was more impressed by the 45,000 people who turned up in Hyde Park than I was by the big names on the stage.  Yes, it helped to have Bill Gates as a speaker but it wouldn’t have been impressive without the crowd, people who had put aside their differences to work together on one issue. It set me dreaming about what could be achieved if football fans could set aside rivalries and unite to fight for the future of the game we love, if Birmingham City fans could march alongside Villa fans to protest about the problems caused by foreign owners who don’t listen to fans. Continue reading

Big IF

I went to the Big IF rally1 yesterday.  I went because I think it’s a disgrace that 1 in 8 people in the world are hungry and that millions of infants die or are stunted by malnutrition each year. I went to the ecumenical service first, in Westminster Central Hall, and then walked from there to Hyde Park to listen to the speakers urging the G8 leaders to tackle the causes of hunger. Continue reading


IFIf you care about the fact that millions of people in the world go to bed hungry every night and more than two million children are dying of malnutrition each year then click here to check out the IF campaign website.  The food system is broken and over two hundred organisations are supporting this campaign to urge government leaders to take action to fix it.