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Looking forward

The last day of the January transfer window was unusually calm at Birmingham City and the club’s website pointed this out. Doing the business was a summary of their transfer transactions with a list of the ins and outs during the window and a subtext, which seemed to be saying, “Trust us, we know what we are doing.”  Continue reading

Too good to be true

I have supported Birmingham City through many ups and downs and my psyche has the scars to prove it. I started celebrating Toral’s wonder goal against Ipswich about a minute after everybody else at St Andrew’s because my brain was telling me it was too good to be true. It’s a defence mechanism I suppose, to stop getting my hopes up too much. Continue reading

Fans connecting with players

I was at St Andrew’s on Tuesday afternoon to watch the Player of the Season awards presented by supporters clubs and groups.  I enjoyed watching the training session and chatting with other fans but the best part, for me, was the chance to get nearer to the players. Continue reading

Keeping the Wolves at bay

Birmingham City’s win on Saturday was one of the most enjoyable games of the season.  The large contingent of Wolves fans boosted the attendance to 19,330 and provided quite a sight as they bounced in delight when Benik Afobe scored. Four minutes later it was our turn to celebrate when Blues equalised with a goal from Kiernan, or maybe Grounds, we didn’t really care who as long as it was a goal.  Continue reading