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Thoughts on Sunday and today’s game

It is a pity that Sunday’s game is probably going to be remembered for the clappers that were used as missiles rather than for anything that happened on the pitch.  Clappers, inflatables, big flags and flames are not necessary to create an atmosphere at a Birmingham City versus Aston Villa game; you only need the fans. Continue reading

Fans not numbers

Values are important in football. To quote from an earlier post that I wrote: “I believe that it’s good for managers, players and fans to be grounded in the world outside football, with family, friends and values that keep them from being crushed by what happens on the pitch.”  Continue reading

Do we care about Cardiff?

What do Birmingham City fans mean when we sing the words, “All we care about is BCFC” or wear them on scarves round our necks?  I assume and hope that this is hyperbole. We care about a lot of other things in addition to caring about our club.  Continue reading

More change needed

On Tuesday evening it felt as though everything had changed for Birmingham City.  It had only been a couple of weeks since one manager was sacked and eight days since a new one was appointed.  Our previous home game on October 25th had ended 0 – 8, utter humiliation, but hope was renewed following our no-score draw away on November 1st. The crowd too was transformed, from miserable silence to loud support.  I stayed to the end of the Bournemouth game because the team that had capitulated were my team and I felt I needed to be there as long as they were on the pitch. On Tuesday night, I stayed because I wanted to. Continue reading

Not simple

Today’s page in my Worst-Case Scenario Daily Survival Calendar lists 18 ways of soothing babies, some of which are contradictory. For example, the list includes

  • Go outside
  • Go inside
  • Put on soft music
  • Put on loud music
  • Turn off music

It reminds me of the advice that some fans direct at Lee Clark. Some sound as though they believe that if he followed their advice and changed one thing, then a losing situation could be instantly transformed into a winning one. Life is rarely that simple and managing a football team never is. And the financial mess and uncertainty at Birmingham City’s must make it worse. Continue reading

Bears and other animals

Beau Brummie and BelleThere’ll be a mascot race at Edgbaston this evening, to mark the first of the T20 games.  Among those taking part will be a blue elephant, Coventry City’s Sky Blue Sam. According to an article1 on the Edgbaston website, the race is back by popular demand after the thrilling inaugural race last year.   Continue reading

Protests and boycotts

Today on Radio WM, Adrian Goldberg1 posed the question, “Should Birmingham City fans boycott matches at St Andrews?” He interviewed Ash (full name not given) who runs the “BCFC fans united -protest group” Facebook page and Twitter feed. This group believes that Blues fans should boycott home games.      Continue reading

It can get worse

Small crowd at the Ricoh

Small crowd at the Ricoh

I remember thinking, “I can’t imagine anything worse than this,” as I looked at the sprinkling of supporters that made the Ricoh arena seem vast.  It’s bad enough at St Andrews when the crowd is small but less than 11,000 in a 32,000-seater stadium felt worse.  Even though Coventry knocked Birmingham out of the League Cup, I left the game feeling sorrier for their fans than I did for myself. Coventry City had been relegated to League One the previous season, didn’t own a stadium and faced an uncertain future. Continue reading