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Thoughts on the WBA game

I went to the game on Saturday hoping we didn’t get beaten by too many goals and came away disappointed that we didn’t manage to hold on for a draw.  Our team played well and scored two goals. But they lacked the quality in finishing displayed by WBA’s Charlie Austin.

There was also an indication that someone at the club was not totally competent. When Blues scored their second goal and went ahead, the scoreboard display assigned the goal to WBA at first and displayed the score as 1 – 2 for a couple of minutes before changing to the correct 2 – 1. It’s not a major error but I find that kind of thing a bit worrying.

But overall, I was glad I’d gone.  There was a good atmosphere with loud vocal support from both sets of fans and my many layers of clothing kept me warm on a very cold day.

I hope all Blues fans have an enjoyable Christmas and a New Year filled with hope.

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