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The curse of constantly winning

As a Birmingham City fan, I don’t need to worry about the curse of constantly winning but I’ve been thinking about it since reading an article with the heading “Manchester City fans left unhappy by curse of constantly winning trophies”.  The article says that fans of the top clubs expect victory and “anything else comes to seem like failure.” It also says, “The greatest triumphs, the ones that are longest remembered and most enjoyed, are those that are unexpected”.

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Enjoy the day

CC Final screenshotThe Telegraph put the 2011 final first when they ranked and rated League Cup finals since 1996. It said, “Relegation from the Premier League later that year inflicted lasting damage on Birmingham City, but there is more to football than merely surviving in the top division. The cost of relegation was huge, but the memories of that stunning day at Wembley are priceless.” Priceless indeed! I’ve just watched video highlights of the game and am still smiling. Continue reading

Psychological torture

Among my Christmas presents was The Worst-Case Scenario Daily Survival Calendar 2014, a very appropriate choice for a Birmingham City supporter.  The club’s perilous financial situation does not bode well for the year ahead so 2014 is probably going to be more about surviving than thriving.   Continue reading