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I can sympathise with Brentford boss Thomas Frank, who said his team did ‘everything’ better than Birmingham City during their 1-0 defeat at Griffin Park. The stats back him up.  Brentford had 76% possession, 15 shots, 3 shots on target, 6 corners and hit the woodwork 3 times.  Birmingham had 1 shot and 2 corners. Birmingham won because their shot went into the goal and none of Brentford’s did. I just listened to the commentary on Radio WM and probably shouldn’t comment on the game, but I will. I think we were lucky.

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Disappointing draw

Birmingham City’s goalless draw on Saturday was scrappy and I came away feeling disappointed.  Just over 4 years ago, I can remember watching on TV as Blues played at Wolves. They earned a magnificent 0-0 draw, which seemed wonderful because they had lost 0-8 at home in their previous game. Gary Rowett had been manager for less than a week and had managed to turn a group of demoralised men into a team that could defend.

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Disappointed but not despondent

Clark at BrentfordI have never played football in my life and know less about the game than Lee Clark does. This doesn’t stop me having opinions, of course, but it does stop me yelling abuse at either players or manager. It was very disappointing to draw at Brentford against 10 men but I was also disappointed with the abuse Lee Clark got from some fans as he walked across the pitch after the game. Birmingham City missed chances to add to their score when they were on top during the first half but that’s to be expected from our players.  All players miss chances and make mistakes. The really good players just miss fewer chances and don’t make so many mistakes. We can’t afford really good players.

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Thoughts on the week

I’m tempted to write about the general upbeat feeling of Birmingham City fans but I don’t like basing my judgement on views expressed online and the number of fans I’ve heard from in the last couple of days is rather small. It would be more honest to say that my postman and a couple of other fans I know are quite enjoying the season so far.  Continue reading

A day in London

Tower poppiesI went to London yesterday so that I could take part in the fans march.  But I went early to do a little sightseeing as well. I walked over the Millennium Bridge and along the river to the Tower of London, to look at the poppies in the moat. By Armistice Day, November 11, there will be 888,246 ceramic poppies surrounding the Tower, one for each British and Colonial fatality during the First World War and a reminder of the colossal scale of the carnage. It’s an impressive and thought-provoking display. Continue reading