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No-fear final game

I don’t enjoy final-game escapes from relegation, so It feels good to be safe with a couple of games still to play.  As I thought about this, following our win against Derby on Saturday, it seemed as though we had had mainly final-game escapes.  But when I checked our games since we were relegated in 2011, I found that we had escaped on the final day of the season four times and had been safe before that six times.  Here is a summary of where we finished in those seasons.

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Inadequate owners

Fan explaining Blackpool situation

Blackpool fans are rejoicing because their club has been put into receivership and that means the era of Oyston ownership is over. Blackpool’s game against Southend next Saturday will be the first home game since this happened and the Guardian reports that:

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Exceeding expectations

How fans react to the result of a game depends a lot on their expectations before it. I don’t think I was the only Birmingham City fan who felt fearful before our game with Swansea and that helped me to feel satisfied with the goalless draw.  We played better, created more chances and should have won but we just couldn’t score. But it was the most entertaining goalless draw I’ve seen.   Continue reading

View from the Family Zone

I was a bit more nervous than usual before the game on Saturday.  I’d invited my nephew and his two daughters to the Bristol City game. I really wanted the children to enjoy it as it was the first game they had ever watched. You can’t guarantee enjoyment at a Birmingham City match so there was some fear mixed in with the expectation as we found our seats in the Family Zone.  Continue reading

Taking a break

Birmingham City’s season finished well with the win at Bolton. It was my third trip to watch an end-of-season game at Bolton. In 2010, we lost 2-1 but didn’t mind because we were mid table in the Premier League. Last year we minded a lot and got a 2-2 result to keep us up. This year I thought I didn’t care about the result at all. But during the game I realised that I did care about ending in the top 10 of the Championship and was delighted that our 0-1 win meant we went above Charlton and ended the season in 10th place.  Continue reading


The rational part of me thinks that football is only a game and it’s ridiculous that the result of a game can lead to elation or despair. But that rational part is not in control while I’m watching Birmingham City play. As I was watched the game at Bolton I oscillated between despair and elation, between fear and hope.  Afterwards I just felt tired; emotional roller coasters are exhausting.   Continue reading

Further notes on fan power

I have just read an article1 on WSC, about two minor victories for fans. The first was for Cardiff fans whose protests over the new kit led to the club giving season ticket holders a say on the colour of the shorts for their Premier League kit2. They weren’t given the option of changing back to their traditional blue tops but even a small victory is better than nothing. Continue reading