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Memorable day

wearing his scarf

September 25th, 2013 is a day I’m going to remember for a couple of reasons.  For a start, the AWCA scarves were delivered.  I hadn’t realised just how bulky they would be until the 3 very large cartons arrived and I had to figure out where to put them. Some were sold before the game and I was pleased to see a few people wearing them, including the gentleman in the picture.  (My apologies to him but I can’t remember if his name was Mike or Mark.) Continue reading


QPR crushBirmingham City’s performance at QPR was definitely not embarrassing.  See the club’s YouTube channel for a good summary by Paul Tait.1 Our support was not embarrassing either; we had about 1700 there, crammed into the upper tier of the School End.  And I do mean crammed; leg room between seats was limited and at half time it was almost impossible to move in the narrow corridor that serves as a concourse area. The photo on the right shows how crowded it was. Continue reading