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Fans connecting with players

I was at St Andrew’s on Tuesday afternoon to watch the Player of the Season awards presented by supporters clubs and groups.  I enjoyed watching the training session and chatting with other fans but the best part, for me, was the chance to get nearer to the players. Continue reading


Scarf ladyOn Wednesday evening, before the Middlesbrough match, I got the chance to do something I’ve wanted to do for the last couple of years. I saw the scarf lady, said hello and gave her my All-we-care-about-is-BCFC scarf.  I noticed that the Birmingham Mail had got a picture of her in the crowd and was pleased to see one end of the scarf showing. I don’t know what her story is but, in her own way, she is a Birmingham City legend. Continue reading

One year

A year ago today I published the first post on this blog and during the year I’ve published 159 posts.  Since I installed Google Analytics on April 6th, over 23,000 visitors have made over 51,000 visits and over 70,000 pageviews; not large figures for a website but far more than I thought I’d get. I’ve had fun and learned a lot.   Continue reading

Big flag

All we care about badgesI like the idea of a big flag to show support for Birmingham City but I don’t usually donate money without knowing where it’s going and I don’t know much about the people who are planning to get the flag made. I know there’s a connection with the BIHL GO NOW campaign but that’s not much help since I don’t know the people running that either. Nor do I know the real names of those who go by the names of PIMO and minotaur on the SHA forum.   Continue reading

Reflections on today

Tom Finney remembered

Tom Finney remembered

I’ve been neglecting this blog a bit recently, too busy with other things, and wasn’t planning to write anything this weekend.  I changed my mind this morning when I heard a report of Tom Finney’s death in which he was eulogised not just for his ability as a footballer but also for his qualities as a human being.  That started me thinking about the way that the relationship between footballers and fans has changed.  Back in the day when Tom was playing, fans knew the players as human beings as well as footballers. They saw players in the pubs and on the buses as well as on the pitch.  I wonder if knowing players as fellow human beings made it easier to forgive their mistakes on the pitch. My memories of supporting Birmingham City as a child tell me that the crowds were more supportive then but I’m not sure if my memories are accurate or if I’m looking back through rose tinted glasses. What I am sure of is that Tom Finney was a great footballer and a good man; I was glad his passing was mentioned before the game and his picture was shown on the big screen.       Continue reading

Not all bad

Giving advice?

Giving advice?

Birmingham City’s loss to Charlton on Saturday was pretty bad.  Even I started yelling advice to the players and my knowledge of football techniques and tactics is minimal.  I probably should be grateful that I only notice the most glaring of errors. Watching a game like that must be more painful for those who understand more. Continue reading

Don’t delay – jump on a bandwagon!

When you say that someone has jumped on the bandwagon it often has a negative connotation, implying that he has adopted something just because it’s popular and not because he really agrees with it.  However, it may be the only way that Birmingham City fans will ever get together to show how they feel about the current state of our club.     Continue reading

Protests and boycotts

Today on Radio WM, Adrian Goldberg1 posed the question, “Should Birmingham City fans boycott matches at St Andrews?” He interviewed Ash (full name not given) who runs the “BCFC fans united -protest group” Facebook page and Twitter feed. This group believes that Blues fans should boycott home games.      Continue reading

Why care?

One person commenting on my last post about Nepalese labourers in Qatar asked, “Who cares?”  That question is relatively easy to answer; I care and a lot of other people do too.  It is harder to explain why I care in a way that will make sense to the person that made that comment but I’m going to try. Continue reading

Still ticking over

Home changing roomIt feels rather precarious at Birmingham City F C at present. I don’t understand the convoluted financial structure but to me it feels like a house of cards and if one card is removed, the whole thing could come crashing down.  What I’m describing is not based on any analysis or inside knowledge; I’m just describing my emotional reaction to the situation. Continue reading

Some thoughts ahead of the Millwall game

Mail photographer

Birmingham Mail photographer

My flat has been rather untidy recently with scarves scattered around together with bags to carry them in, sample polythene envelopes to consider for posting them and various bits of paper with notes about them.  Yesterday evening I had a tidy up and the room looked much better after I’d put everything into the cartons in which the scarves had arrived. This morning a photographer from the Mail arrived to take some photos of the scarves so I had to get some back out of the box and the clutter has returned.  I’m hoping the Mail will carry an article about the scarves tomorrow and that it helps to boost the number sold around the ground before the Millwall game. In addition to my other reasons for wanting them sold, it would help to reduce the clutter in my living room. Continue reading

Notes on Swansea, Made in Brum, AWCA scarf

A victory does wonders for my mood and our 3-1 victory on Wednesday night really lifted my spirits.  Birmingham City fans went home happy after the game and Swansea fans were disappointed. But the emotions are reversed when it comes to fans’ view of the current situation of their clubs.  Blues fans are angry and anxious because of the financial mess our club is in. Swansea fans are happy with the progress their club has made. Continue reading