Stress-free Saturday

Over 70 years of supporting the Blues have left me with a tendency to worry before games. I know that, regardless of who we are playing, we could lose.  So Saturday mornings during football season usually find me worrying. But today, I can relax.  I did all my worrying yesterday evening and saw Blues get a win.  Blues went up to 4th in the Championship table.  We’ll probably go down a few places after today’s results but I’m enjoying our elevation while it lasts.

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2 thoughts on “Stress-free Saturday

  1. WayCoolBlue

    Rooney talks rubbish he is completely out of his depth he doesn’t have a clue. On a par with Zola Big name no brain
    If he is still managing Derby by Christmas I will be very surprised. Birmingham completely controlled the game and he thinks Birmingham didn’t do enough to win the game Birmingham scored two more goals than Derby. Derby did not look like scoring one goal. Derby had a lot of the ball where Birmingham allowed them to have it in their own half so that Birmingham could press them high up all part of the plan.
    There was plenty of time for Derby to clear the ball for the first goal that was down to bad defending and not just one mistake .

    Derby had to play dirty and commit Fouls on Chong and Bela because they could not handle them.

    They kicked Chong from pillar to post they elbowed him they head-butted him. They was frightened of him but he was a bigger man than any of their team and carried on like a true professional.

    Derby deserve their points deduction but I don’t think they need it they will go down on their own steam they are
    a poor team.

    And it makes me smile because not that long ago Birmingham had a nine point deduction and all the derby supporters were laughing at us will now who’s laughing
    much love KRO

  2. Tracey

    Agree,Derby poor bunch,Bowyer revelation with tactics and motivation,at last after 10 years of suffering we now have a team and players to be proud off.Be patient and we will get there I’m sure.

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