Stolen or sold?

I just came across a Twitter account called Sky Stole the Soul. I like the alliteration and sympathise with the sentiment but it is not strictly true. Sky didn’t steal the soul of football; they bought it.

Billy the Bee

Sky didn’t invent football

There are some who believe that Sky Sports dragged football back from the dark days of the Eighties but I don’t. Nor do I believe that “Sky’s relationship with the Premier League has been … a symbiotic embrace that has created a virtuous cycle. Each needed the other to flourish.” I agree that each needed the other to flourish. The Premier League was formed in 1992 to help the top clubs keep most of the money from the TV deal.

You can read more about this in David Conn’s The Beautiful Game. It’s a good read and, among other things, explains why ticket prices have risen so much. I can’t provide any quotes as my copy of that book is in a box in storage. I sold my home before construction of my new one was completed and won’t be reunited with all my stuff until I move in November. That’s one reason I’ve written so little for this blog recently. Another reason is that I’ve been writing some things for the Blues Trust site, including one on the protest against high ticket prices for this weekend.  It explains why I support the FSF’s Twenty’s Plenty campaign. I’m glad that Birmingham City fans will be joining in with this at Leeds tomorrow.