Still ticking over

Home changing roomIt feels rather precarious at Birmingham City F C at present. I don’t understand the convoluted financial structure but to me it feels like a house of cards and if one card is removed, the whole thing could come crashing down.  What I’m describing is not based on any analysis or inside knowledge; I’m just describing my emotional reaction to the situation.

On Thursday, I went to St Andrews for the fundraising cake and coffee event, which raised money for Macmillan Cancer Support. It didn’t feel like a club in crisis there.  And once again I found myself admiring the BCFC staff members who continue to keep the club ticking over.  I wrote about them in April1 and six month’s on they are still managing to get the work done despite the gathering storm clouds.

And Lee Clark is still managing to get a team on the pitch for each game, a team that has put in some decent performances recently.  Whatever you think of him as a football tactician, he surely deserves respect for the way he gets on with his job.  I went on one of the tours that they were offering on Thursday. The kits were already hanging up in the home team changing room and that set me thinking about the game and wondering how many people would turn up to watch it.  I hope there will be more than the 13,133 who were at the Millwall game.  I believe that our team deserves our support.

So get down to the game if you can.  Scarves2 will be on sale around the ground for any who want to get one.  They are no longer on sale in the Bull Ring market; I’ve taken the unsold ones back from the market trader because they were selling better near the ground.  The scarves are meant to convey a support for the team but a concern about the ownership situation.  The yellow, red and black are the colours of a 1970’s away kit and are designed to stand out from the usual royal blue.

(By the way, the kits hanging in the dressing room don’t indicate which players will be playing on Saturday; before the game they will remove the kits of those who won’t be in the squad.)

AWCA scarf

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  1. sappy sap

    ……………I think most fans are narked by the fact of that it is not the fans or the players fault that blues are in this mess…..what mess ,we have been hear before…..but the difference is we have a owner that we feel is drowning fast and wont let go of the fans helping hand even though he seems to heavy to hold ……..but on the other hand we have a squad of players that are up for the fight and are looking good ….and we have a manager and crew who are giving their all and are toting bluenoses all ready ….the point is are we going to let this club go without a fight ,are we going to feel sorry for ourselves ……….GET yourselves down to st Andrews ,its no good moping around the house …we have a fight on our hands to save our club COME ON BIRMINGHAM CITY NEEDS YOU…..KEEP RIGHT ON

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