I checked the results of my poll* on who we want as owner of BCFC, 83 voted for Mr Fan and 61 for Mr Moneybags. It’s been a long, long time since I studied statistics but I do remember enough to know that the small number of votes means that result is not statistically significant. However this won’t stop me speculating; this is my personal blog not a serious journal.  And I think the results indicate the way Birmingham City fans are fairly evenly divided on the topic of ownership and what they want for their club.

One group are the sort of people who voted for Mr Moneybags. They place a high priority on success and feel the only way to get it is to have a rich owner. They want Blues back in the Premier League as soon as possible.  I picture these fans as tending to be impatient, concerned with the short term rather than long term future of the club; they want to see better football next season. (As I said, I feel free to speculate on my own blog.)

The slightly more popular view is that of the group who want an owner who has some connection with the club, someone who will bring stability.  They are more patient and are willing to support the club at whatever level it is at.  It’s not that they don’t want to watch a high standard of football, they are just prepared to wait a bit longer and in the meantime to support the effort and passion of less skilful players.

I belong with the second group. I don’t know any way to stop being a Blues fan so I’m in it for the long haul and I’d like an owner who felt the same way, an owner who planned for long term sustainability rather than a quick profit or other short term goal. Someone sensible enough to include a relegation clause in all new contracts so that we will never again be in the kind of situation we’re in with Zigic, paying him a ridiculous amount of money for this league.

I know that I’d be able to watch better football if Blues were in the Premier League. But if we went up at the end of next season I suspect that most of the really good football the following season would be played by the opposition teams as they thumped us.  I’d prefer to see our young players develop with the help of a few older, more experienced players.  The sort of mix we’ll probably have next season.

I’m sad that Nathan Redmond is not likely to be in that mix.  The cash flow crisis surely has to be pretty bad if we have to sell players like Curtis Davies and him.  I’m trying to steer clear of all the transfer rumours; as the song says, “Que sera, sera.” Whatever happens I’ll support the boys in royal blue.

*What do you want?