Something should be done: Part 2

So this is my mad idea.

I’m going to explore the possibility of getting some protest scarves made to find out if any Birmingham City fans will buy them. It’s mad for one individual to take on a project like this; I could end up looking a fool and losing a lot of money. However, it wouldn’t be the first time in my life I’ve looked like an idiot and I survived the previous occasions. And in some ways it may be better for an individual to undertake this project than for a fans group to do it.  There are so many different groups for Blues fans and most of them seem to have alienated some other section of the fan base. I realise that this blog may also have alienated some people but at least I’m not planning to put any group’s logo on my scarves.

I like the idea of using a scarf for a protest because it won’t work if fans don’t like it.  Some types of protests can be done by a small group of fans or even one individual fan.  If I was rich enough I could, as one person suggested, hire a plane to fly over St Andrews with a protest banner but that would be just my protest and wouldn’t involve any other fans. What I want to get started is some non violent way that fans can express their anger and frustration over our present situation. I don’t think it will change the situation but it could help to bring fans together.

I want something that will fall flat on its face if nobody else joins in because that is the only kind of protest that has the potential to grow into something organic rather than something manufactured by a few. Blues fans are an argumentative lot and they’re not going to join in with a campaign planned by someone else.  What I’m attempting to do is to chuck in an idea and let fans decide if they want to use it or not.  And if they do like the idea, I’d expect they would develop it in different ways; I’m not aiming to control what they do with it.

I will need some help and if I don’t get it I may have to abandon the project.  I’d like suggestions on businesses that manufacture scarves.  You can send a message to

I’d like offers to help sell scarves; I would think that could be combined with selling badges or fanzines.

I’m also considering seeking some financial investment via Kickstarter. I won’t aim to raise all the money I’ll need to get scarves made but just some of it. I’d like the reassurance of knowing that a few people are willing to support the project by investing a small amount before the scarves are made. It takes a bit of time to get a Kickstarter account approved; I’ll put something on my blog if I do get an account set up.

I want some help in deciding on the design of the flag.  In a comment on a previous post, Eamon C suggested using red, yellow and black, based on the 1970s Blues kit. This seemed a good suggestion as we’d want colours that stood out as different to the usually blue and would be highly visible on TV.  I’ve done some rough sketches of three designs and I’ll put a poll at the end of this to get some reactions.

Option A has a yellow background with black lettering and a red fringe

scarf yellow

Option B has a red background with yellow lettering and a black fringe

scarf red

Option C has black, red and yellow stripes with the colour of the lettering varying so as to contrast with the background colour.

scarf striped

I’m not asking for suggestions on the wording. I’ve chosen ‘All we care about is BCFC’ because:

  • it’s probably the only thing most Blues fans would agree on
  • it implies criticism of our owner because of its association with the anti Carson song but is not obscene or negative
  • it could still be used if our next owner turns out to be even worse than the current one.

To me, the choice of colours is the most important thing.  It seems unlikely that we are ever going to get all fans agreeing on exactly what we want to say when we protest. If all protest groups used a similar colour scheme but chose their own wording then we could have the best of both worlds.  The colours would show we agreed on something; the variety of messages would show that Blues fans are the same anarchic bunch as always.

13 thoughts on “Something should be done: Part 2

  1. Jaffa

    Someone has got to start something to let these shit owners know just how much we want them gone.the scarf is a great idea.

  2. Brummie1875

    I will definitely buy whatever design is finally chosen.

    Would you have the same message on the reverse, or maybe something like “Sell OUR club now!”.

    I am sure that others have better ideas.

    I like the wording you have suggested.

    Not only can the scarfs be worn at the ground, but they can also be displayed in windows and public places.

    If I had the ability, I would hang one from a flagpost at the Town Hall.


  3. sappy sad

    the scalf could be Bradford city ,…Bristol city,…wrong colour ….wont be seen when warn round the neck ,…..would have been better as safety reflector top ,with reflecter tape saying NEW OWNER WANTED bcfc .in blue with white tape

  4. Sir Harry 1875

    I think its a great idea. Believe me you will get plenty of support.

    Go for it!!

    I also like ‘Sell Our Club Now’ as mentioned above.

  5. Zicoblue

    Great idea, loving the Belgium flag (stripes) design. I would definatly buy a couple, sell our club now on the reverse is a good idea too.

  6. Deano

    Great idea – old school scarves , with a minute at the start of the game and during it at some point, twirling of the scarves in one hand and the good old fashioned Football rattle in the other hand! Not only making a joined up and bonded fan message but rousing what is a dead atmosphere to something special and maybe also get the players upbeat too!
    On the reverse side how’s about:

  7. Letsby Avenue


    Truly excellent idea – well done.

    It works on various levels as well.
    Like the anti-Glazer scarf for the Man Utd fans,
    where they reverted to the yellow/green of Newton Heath
    – now that some of them are having second thoughts they claim it is nostalgia and not protest.

    You have to laugh 🙂

    This scarf, if it isn’t bogged down in specifics, like selling the club etc can we worn for years,
    long after Carson & Co have gone, as a sign of loyalty and support.
    But intially as a means of uniting the disparate opinions and forming some cohesion to them – an excellent idea
    That is why I chose B – Red. For our ‘sometimes’ Away kit.
    And yellow would need washing too much 🙂

    Either way, whatever is chosen, I’m a buyer.

    Thank you mate

  8. Vic fear

    The back of the scarf could just say ” keep right on ”
    it unites us all.
    We could hang banners in the same theme of what ever colour scarf is off motorways and main road bridges into city, maybe before scarves appear at stan’s, that would create interest

  9. Eamon C

    Myself and my son will buy which ever of the scarf designs is selected. Maybe the Mail would take up the story or Tom Ross could offer special edition Bronx hat.

  10. tony jones

    scarf is a good idea but a the yellow one with blue tassles better but will support the one chosen something has to be done against these bunch of conmen

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