Something should be done: Part 1

A lot of Birmingham City supporters seem to agree that something should be done to protest about the current plight of our club. Most of them seem to mean, “Somebody else should do something,” and have various reasons why they themselves can’t organise anything. I’m sure that many of those reasons are perfectly valid; we all have lives and some things are more important than football. So I’m not writing this to condemn anyone who is not organising a protest; in fact having several thousand people organising protests would probably be far worse than having nobody do it.

I’m writing this to the few who may have the time and energy to do something. I’d like to suggest that you get actively involved in the work of one of the many Blues fans groups. It’s hard for one individual to do something. Belonging to a group means you can share the work with others but, of course, it also means that you’ll have to put up with some people who are just as opinionated and argumentative as you.

I’d also like to say something to those who have suggested that Blues Trust should do something. If you are one of those who have expressed disappointment because the trust isn’t doing enough: ask yourself if they could do more if you were on the board helping them. I think one of the problems they have is that they are all busy people; it’s not surprising they don’t do everything that other people think they should do.

If you could spare the time to help, why not consider standing for election to Blues Trust board? The AGM will be on November 2nd and members should have received details of how to submit nominations. If you are not a member but think you might want to serve on their board or nominate someone then you need to join soon to be eligible to do that. Their rules and election policy* are on their site if you want to understand the way they are organised. I’m sure they’d be glad to give you more information about the kind of people they need but it seems to me that one thing they lack is anyone with legal expertise.  My personal view is that the main requirement for board members is that they have the time to do some work and also have the mental fortitude to withstand abuse and ridicule. It seems to be part of fan culture that only a few are prepared to put in a shift and the rest stand around criticising.

Thus ends Part 1. Part 2 will either tell you that I’ve decided I belong to the majority that can’t do something or it will announce that I’ve succumbed to the mad idea currently rattling around in my brain, the idea that one old lady can do something.

*Blues Trust Rules, Election Policy

3 thoughts on “Something should be done: Part 1

  1. flakey

    Go for it,I,like you want to do something positive at such a negative time at our great club but it’s got to be right otherwise you just look a fool,good luck and KRO

  2. Mark Rice

    Great piece.
    I think that people on both sides – Trust and supporters – could do more to help. In these difficult times supporters need the Trust to reach out to them and ask them to get on board and help and not to be seen as an elitist group of supporters. The club needs to reach out to ‘stay away’ supporters not just the ST holders we have, as they’re a bigger group. It’s a tough challenge as many will think this group of supporters not worthy, given their armchair status, but the fact is we have more armchair fans than those attending games so by reaching out to these we swell the ranks and perhaps encourage them to get involved in their club again. The Trust has just 500 members – not bad for a Trust – but not enough to be heard by the club or supporters.
    As I say though, there are 2 sides and supporters need to be willing to listen to the Trust and take them at face value, not the distrust in them that was spoken about at June’s meeting. Then once they’ve done that they can ask themselves whether they want to get involved.

  3. Jassyblue80

    You should definitely stand Margaret . You have passion, desire & a willingness that would see you succeed.


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