Some thoughts ahead of the Millwall game

Mail photographer

Birmingham Mail photographer

My flat has been rather untidy recently with scarves scattered around together with bags to carry them in, sample polythene envelopes to consider for posting them and various bits of paper with notes about them.  Yesterday evening I had a tidy up and the room looked much better after I’d put everything into the cartons in which the scarves had arrived. This morning a photographer from the Mail arrived to take some photos of the scarves so I had to get some back out of the box and the clutter has returned.  I’m hoping the Mail will carry an article about the scarves tomorrow and that it helps to boost the number sold around the ground before the Millwall game. In addition to my other reasons for wanting them sold, it would help to reduce the clutter in my living room.

I have to admit that I feel sorry for any Millwall fans that just want to support their team and who don’t want to cause trouble. And I believe that most fans, including Millwall fans, come into this category.  I didn’t like seeing a smoke bomb and chair back flung by Birmingham City fans at QPR and I’m sure that there must be some Millwall fans that didn’t approve of the shenanigans of some of their fans at their game with Derby*.  I’m hoping there will be no repeat of that kind of trouble at St Andrews though I wouldn’t mind if Blues could replicate the number of goals Derby scored against them; 5 goals would be very nice indeed.  Of course, Millwall has won 3 games since then. Let’s hope Blues can stop that winning run and start one of their own.

*Football Association launch investigation into Millwall crowd disturbances against Derby County