Following Sunday’s game, I’ve been thinking about violence associated with football games and wondering if there is any way to scale it down.  I want to talk about fan segregation but would like to start by telling a story about my granddad. 

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3 thoughts on “Segregation

  1. Steve-0

    Understand the intent here but it’s very different. We’re talking about segregation for 90 minutes from people you will not see again until the following season. You’re not going to form any level of relationship.

    I agree that it would stop many of the wanker signs that happen within close proximity of segregated fans and possibly other taunting tactics, but I’m not sure mixing fans together is a good idea at all. Fans are segregated because history has caused it to happen.

  2. Russ

    A ‘buffer zone’ would always fall foul of the ‘hooligan element’ who would utilise it for their own means, sadly. The idiot who entered the pitch against Villa proved he didn’t care that he’d lose access to the club he ‘loved’ forever, so warning away fans (or home) that there’d be a penalty if they didn’t ‘behave’ would be pointless. Sadly, we’re in a society where Aston Villa fans can slash each other when they argue over leaving a coach, fans of the same club can get into a punch up on the terraces over their own team’s performance, so why would anybody put themselves anywhere near the opposition’s fans?

    99% of all fans are peaceful, law abiding people who just want to watch the football. When my grandad was a youngster, he went to watch Blues and Villa alike. He was just a football fan. There’s too much money at stake now. When you’ve paid £30+ to see the game, you want to be able to see your team win, I guess. If you’re in a neutral zone and your team scores, what odds it’ll irritate the person behind you when you stand up to cheer, if they’ve paid £30+ to see their team lose, only to have you cheering to rub salt into the wound, right in front of them? Back in the day, it was pennies…now it’s much, much more.

    I wish you were right, and maybe the future CAN be brighter, but I definitely wouldn’t be sitting my children IN or NEAR a ‘buffer zone’.


  3. Pete Jones

    I remember being at a WBA match at at Andrews standing next to a WBA fan and applauding a good goal by them and discussing it with him. Probably late sixties. Not sure we could get back to that especially in local derbies.

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