As Jasper Carrott said, you lose some, you draw some. And that’s all Birmingham City has done recently; we haven’t won since December 13th.  My coping mechanism for getting through this time is based on the way I try to look at games. 

What you see depends on what you are looking for. For example, if Tom thinks that Joe Clog is a decent player, he’ll be looking for what Clog does well so he can back up his view when he talks to his mate Harry, who doesn’t rate Clog. Harry, of course, will have spent the game looking for all the mistakes Clog makes. Tom and Harry will see different games.

So I make an effort to look for what is good in a game. Some games require more of an effort than others but in every one there are some good passes and displays of skill that provide hope for the future.  And at times you can see that the players are trying to do something good even though they can’t quite do it yet. They probably need to develop a better awareness of what is happening on the pitch. I recently read that Eddie Jones has recruited a vision specialist in an effort to improve the visual awareness of his rugby players ahead of the Six Nations Championship. According to her there’s been a decline in skill and awareness because they spend too much time looking at their smart phones and that doesn’t involve much eye movement. Too much screen time is not good preparation for seeing what’s happening on the field of play.

I’m not claiming that my way of coping as a supporter is better than other ways.  I just hope that my fellow fans will find their own ways of coping and will continue to support the boys in royal blue.

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  1. john

    That’s quite right, just remember the positive things that happen in a game . Dispense with any negative thoughts and your opinions, will be concentrated solely on the all the good passages of the game. This is the theory that players must have, when they step over that white line, the same applies to supporters. That way, the players and supporters can help each other enjoy the game more !

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