Season ticket

I renewed my season ticket for 2013/14 more out of habit than anything else.  I’m a Birmingham City fan. I prefer watching live football to football on TV.  I would rather give my money to my club than to Sky.  I’m in the fortunate position of being able to afford to buy a season ticket without having to skimp on food, books or any other of life’s necessities.

I didn’t buy it because I’m expecting a great season because I’m not.  The club is in a mess at the moment and its financial troubles were illustrated by last week’s report in the Birmingham Mail1 saying that it couldn’t afford Paul Caddis.

The uncertainty over the ownership doesn’t help. I don’t think anyone knows what’s going to happen. Carson Yeung and a small group of his associates know a lot more about the possibilities than anyone in this country but even they probably don’t know what the verdict will be at the end of his trial.

Whatever the verdict, I don’t believe that there will be any good news in the near future.  I have no confidence in the present owners and no hope of them selling to better owners.  Carson Yeung didn’t conduct due diligence before he bought the club2 and doesn’t seem to understand the football business.  If the club is sold, my guess would be that it will be sold to other Chinese owners. (This guess isn’t based on any great research but just on a chat with a friend who does some business in China and told me that they much prefer to make deals with their fellow countrymen because they understand them more.)

In his post on Often Partisan3, Daniel sounds a lot more hopeful than I feel.  However I do agree that having no expectations should help.  At least we won’t be too disappointed if the team plays badly and we lose a lot of games.  I hope he’s right about the crowd giving more latitude to the less talented players because we’re going to have quite a few of them playing for us next season.

Birmingham City tell Swindon they can’t afford £250,000 Paul Caddis

2   Whatever happened to due diligence?

3   The Only Way is Up?