Scarf FAQ

Here’s a few answers to questions I’ve received and implied questions or comments I’ve read online.

What’s the point? What are you hoping to achieve?

I’m doing this because I wanted to provide a non violent way for fans to express their anger at the state our club is in. I don’t believe that anything we do here in Birmingham is going to have much of an effect on our owners in Hong Kong but it feels better to do something rather than nothing.

Also, any sensible person who may be thinking about buying the club will take a look at our fans, because a good fan base is a very important asset. Anything that will help fans stay engaged will make the club a more attractive proposition for prospective buyers.

Why AWCA slogan?

I wanted a message that most fans could agree on, which is difficult as we do seem to be an anarchic bunch.  It wasn’t my idea to use “All we care about is BCFC”; it was a suggestion I read on a forum. I like it because it is a positive message but, because it’s a line from an anti-owner song, it implies dissatisfaction with the current ownership.

The basic message I want the scarf to convey is an allegiance to the club and a concern about our present situation.

Why yellow, red and black?

If a protest scarf is to stand out it has to be in different colours to our usual royal blue.  Someone suggested yellow, red and black because they were the colours of a 1970s away kit and they would stand out.

When are the scarves going to be on sale?

I’m not sure yet.  They should be delivered to me before the end of next week but I can’t be certain about that until they arrive.  I found the manufacturer through an online search and, although it seems to be a reliable business, I’m not going to announce when they’ll go on sale until I have actually received them.

How much are they going to cost?

Again, I’m not sure yet. I have never done anything like this before and don’t know what sort of mark up sellers will want to put on them.  I will be talking to various people and trying to sort out all the details as soon as possible.

Why don’t you get ____  to help you sell them?

I’ve sent messages to some fans groups asking them to contact me if they want to buy some.  My thought was that they could get some from me and then sell them to their members.  I’ve received one reply so far.  I can understand why groups might be cautious about publicly backing this project; if the club don’t like it then it could damage the relationship between the club and any group that backed these scarves

Will you be selling them online?

Probably but, again, I haven’t worked out the details yet. I’d like to sell them mainly before games so that most would be worn at St Andrews.  But I do realise that some fans who can’t get to games would like to buy one and I will try to work out a way for them to do that.

If the 300 scarves sell out will you get more made?

I don’t plan to set up a business. If the idea takes off I’m hoping some entrepreneurs will adopt the idea and get similar scarves or other merchandise made.

Why does it take you so long to moderate comments/respond to questions?

I do have a life apart from football and I’m not online all day.

Is this a wind-up by a Villa fan?

No. Browse my blog.

6 thoughts on “Scarf FAQ

  1. Alan Watton

    Good luck with this. It has my support.
    We need to attack the local and national media who seem to ignore the Club’s plight and are not interested in the Yeung Trial or the effect its having on the club. BBC are the biggest culprits and make no effort to assist us getting OUR club back.
    Look at the plight of Coventry and Portsmouth. There but for the Grace of God go I.
    BTW the rumour mill says that only Pannu’s ‘commission’ is holding up the club sale.
    Also BTW like me all Bluenoses should boycott Chinese business and maybe they might put some pressure on the demon Barber

  2. Ainsley

    Good idea, I like this idea for a protest, much better than boycotting games or hanging around the car park, hope it goes well

  3. Tilton

    Half the questions you don’t know the answer to! Not my cup of tea personally, bit of a Manchester United rip off in my opinion. I show my support by attending matches home and away, end of!


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