Same result, different reaction

On Sunday, Birmingham City got the same result at Molineux as last season but it didn’t feel the same. Last season, I watched the game on TV in a bar and 0-0 seemed a magnificent score for the team’s first game under Gary Rowett. I was delighted that we had won a point, a whole point!  Yesterday we dropped two points according the reports of those who were there. (I didn’t go; just listened on Radio WM.)

Of course, I would like my team to get into the playoffs but I won’t be devastated if we don’t. One reason that I don’t get too upset by results on the pitch is that I don’t think they are the most important factor in determining the future of the club. I worry more about what’s going on in Hong Kong than I do about not winning games. There are so many uncertainties about who will own us next season and the seasons after that. So I try to enjoy all that is good about this season. That includes having a better-than-average manager who has built a team of players that play as a team, not like a bunch of individuals who don’t know each other. We have scored 6 more goals than we’ve conceded and are attracting bigger crowds than last season. It’s not the best team in the division but it is far from the worst.  And it’s my team.

Whatever our position is in the table in May, I think I’m going to remember this as a good season.