SAD stands for Stunned And Depressed, which were my feelings following reports of Garry Monk’s departure. Stunned because sacking him seemed like a repeat of the mistake made when Gary Rowett was sacked. Depressed because he’d created a team and a way of playing that attracted the largest and most supportive crowds for years.

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17 thoughts on “SAD

  1. Lesley Grice

    SAD !!!! I was so looking forward to this season now i can’t even look at the fixtures !! Just not interested

    1. Saintfrancis

      I agree with Lesley and many others. I was actually looking forward to this coming season. No, I don’t think we’d got promotion, but certainly a stable season! But now, with or without Mr Adams, I can’t see much above yet another elegation battle. Similar to George S, I have supported this club since 1969, I was 9, my first game was Oxford at home. I have never seen such chaos upon chaos through the last 50 years, I wonder if Ren has some kind of hidden agenda to destroy this club, I suggest he writes a book on how to do it. I look forward to playing Oxford again next season – well done Ren you are quite incredible!

  2. George Sutheran

    I have been a supporter of Birmingham
    City fc,since the age of 14 .
    I am now retired at 68 and yet I still go down to support my club unfortunately
    I have bought my season ticket early
    if I had known about Garry Monk being
    sacked I would not have had one.
    I’m very angry with the way these owners
    have treated Garry he made all us fans
    believe again but once again these
    Owners have destroyed any vision or
    hope we had got.
    I’m on holiday now but soon as i get
    back I will cancel my season ticket
    Hopefully I can .
    I will come back when we have new
    owners who know about football and
    care about there fans.

    1. Greg Beamish

      Unfortunately you cannot cancel your season ticket unless there are exceptional circumstances such as not being able to attend due to medical reasons. I know because I have tried to get mine refunded already!

  3. Dodge

    Same here. I just feel empty. It took us two years to get back to where we were when Gary Rowett was sacked and now this.
    Six months ago we thought the Vile were going down the pan, but really it was us.

    FFP, not sacking crap managers, sacking good ones and for what? Ego?

  4. Andy

    yep defo sad and angry I’m returning my season tickets cannot watch another relegation battle

  5. theguvna

    I’m disappointed, but it’s hard to say that I’m really surprised. As Blues fans, we are weaned on this kind of thing, all my life watching Blues, it has never been easy. Very few joys and a lot more sorrows! Maybe all these things go towards making the Blues fans the unique set that they are. I renewed my ST, it’s about the Blues, not about the owners. Anyway, I don’t want to give up the seat that I’ve had for years! KRO SOTV

  6. Grif

    The arrogance of REN and others in control of the club is breathtaking! You would think they’d be very pleased with themselves for appointing Monk… the only really impressive thing they’ve done… but no! And having stepped in the Gary Rowett puddle, they’ve gone and stepped in the same puddle again!! Very, very worrying. Quality managers aren’t easy to come by and we were lucky to have Monk, I had to pinch myself every now and then, my club had Garry Monk and unbelievably we’ve got rid of him!! WHAT!! It’s hard to continue to support a club when you hate the owners.

  7. Mark

    And almost on cue after a deluge of criticism from the fans suddenly a picture is painted of him being a bully!!!!

    The BS coming from the board is a more direct response than with Rowett as that lot was rumours which I believe were put out there to stop fans abandoning the club.

    Do you mean to tell me they couldn’t find anything dodgy with Redknapp? sorry it doesn’t add up.

    They ripped our heart out. Sadly now I don’t see the point in getting attached to any manager now because they will just do it again and again.

    If the youth player rumours were true then this would filter through to the team and there would be a lack of harmony. The manager refused signings and refused to change tactics because he is THE MANAGER and the team is his responsibility. Pep has been relegated at his last 3 jobs and sacked within months of his only EFL job. I like the guy and will back him but the reality is they can’t get a proper manager in because nobody worth their salt would take a job to be Ren’s puppet and that is why Monk has gone because Ren thinks he can run a team.

  8. paul harris

    there needs to be organised mass protests at the way this club is being managed by the board,its not good enough to sack managers who have done very well for the club,every blues fan that goes to the games needs to start demonstrate at the board and the owners,every game week in week out.

  9. Paul Davis

    I was one of many who had so much optimism for the new season but these owners have robbed us of that. They clearly dont care about our frustrations of the last week and instead of making a short statement why cant they tell us in great detail about there reasons. If they are looking for the daysof when Blues ever make it back to the riches of Premier League then as a result of their own shortsightedness then they have an incredibly long wait.

  10. Kevin McMichael

    They used the same excuse for sacking Rowett that they want the team to play a more expansive mode of football they then bought in Zola.. same excuse this time so “God Help Us”

  11. Bexhil Blue

    The more expansive football crap is just someone trying to give a sound bite to make themselves sound intelligent. Just for the record Monk doubled our strike rate and our points total. What ever style that accomplished that will do me thank you.
    I just think that Monk should not ply the fans with his undying admiration for us and then allows a plonker like Ren to sack him because of some principle about an agent. The whole thing makes no sense especially his back up team stay in place.

  12. tracey tyler

    Its all about money, we are skint and everything that has gone on over the last few weeks is all money orientated and money saving. Jota goes, Beale goes, Monk goes… replacements for any of them and I very much doubt if Adams goes the money will be spent on new recruits. I too am a season ticket holder and was like the rest of you looking forward to the new season with optimism but all I can see for the future now is Loan players, Free transfers and more use of the Under 23 (which cant be bad i suppose)……BCFC are a business and needs to get its books right under FFP rules and that is going to take a very long time sorry to say

  13. Mick nolan

    Strange that the backroom staff are staying. Maybe pep and James have more faith in the set up than most of us.if New players come in things could work out.

    1. Ijaz

      GM was sacked so he will gent compensated. If the others who haven’t been sacked walk they would be in breach of contract. If GM gets another job I can see his team following him there and the club will recey compensation.

  14. Ijaz

    I can but echo what people have written above. Garry Monk was the best manager we have had for a long time. The team, fans and management team were united. The players were putting the effort in and there was a feel good factor. We were all anticipating the new season and what players we would bring in now our hands are no longer tied. Just when we could finally see light at the end of the tunnel it turned out to be a fuckin train. Or should I say train wreck. All that good work gone down the toilet. I’m not a pessimist person but I think this is gonna go horribly wrong. The only grace is this us before the season starts so the players have a bit longer to adjust than under Zola. I’m hearing the board are planning to sell the ground and use the money on another transfer splurge. What will be will be. Sadly the only way I can see us being free of these idiots is the club going under and the parent company losing its HKSE listing.

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