I have a couple of recommendations for anyone who shares my aversion for reading transfer rumours about players who might come to Birmingham City. There are other sports-related stories out there.

It’s worth listening to Graeme Le Saux talking to Mark Steel on a Radio 4 programme. Mark Steel is a stand-up comedian and they discuss performing in front of people who don’t like you. Graeme Le Saux said that nothing can prepare you for the abuse, to be doing your best and have people hating you. It’s an interesting conversation and a reminder that, however much they earn, professional footballers are human.

It was encouraging to read that there is fresh hope for the Cradley Heathens. They have shared tracks with rival teams since Dudley Wood was sold for housing in 1995 but now planning proposals have been submitted for a track in Oldbury. I don’t know a thing about speedway but I can empathise with any fans whose team has been homeless for 22 years.

I’m hoping that the live streaming of the game on Blues TV will work today after the problems streaming Tuesday’s game.  But if not or if you prefer to watch different kinds of formations, take a look at the French army band performing to a Daft Punk medley. It made me smile.