Ready for Bournemouth?

AFC Bournemouth is not the team I would have chosen to play in the cup.  The last time Birmingham City played them in a FA Cup game, in January 2016, we lost.  We also lost our two League games against them the previous season and one of those losses was the 0-8 humiliation at St Andrew’s. I don’t want any more bad Bournemouth memories to add to the bad memories of watching the Bolton and Burton games last week.

It wasn’t good to see Morrison injured in the Bolton game but I was glad to see Shotton come on.  I thought he put in a very professional performance and had his mind on the game not on his possible move to Middlesbrough. I don’t want him to leave the club and, judging from the applause for him, I don’t think I’m the only one who feels that way. It was also good to see Isaac Vassell make his debut near the end.  He looked promising and also played well when he came on at Burton.  It was good to see Morrison, with protective mask, back on the pitch at Burton. There was also a rather nice sunset but not too many other positives to take from that game.

One almost positive is that Bournemouth is no longer my least favourite team to play in the cup. I’d rather play Bournemouth than play Burton again; I’d hate to get beaten by them twice in one week.

Even if we get a thrashing from Bournemouth on Tuesday, it won’t be the end of the world for me.  I’ve just read an article about Jermaine Pennant that reminded me I’ve been fortunate in life.  Goodness know where I would have ended up if my mom had died when I was three and I hadn’t had a stable, responsible adult to bring me up.