Rants and expectations

“The world … seems an angrier place than it did 10 years ago. Social media — and comments on websites — appears to have opened up a whole new avenue for people to vent their bile.” This is a quote from an article1 describing how a German player was reduced to tears by abuse from his own club’s fans. I’m not sure how anyone could gauge the anger of the world but I do agree that modern means of communication can provide a wider audience for those who want to express their anger or any other emotion. This blog is an example; when I feel like having a rant, I can reach more people by publishing it on here than I can by talking to friends.

I wrote this after hearing a magnificent rant on a radio phone-in yesterday.2 The fan was angry because his club had spent less on players than other clubs and had bought players that nobody else wanted. My interest was sparked both by the vehemence and length of the rant, he kept going for 2 minutes, and also by the fact that he was a Baggies fan. It’s all a matter of expectations, of course; fans always want to move up to the next level.

The expectations of Birmingham City fans seem to be lower this season. Those who go to games seem to have decided to focus on supporting the team rather than worrying about the financial mess the club is in. This creates a far better atmosphere at games so I hope it continues as long as the club remains under the current ownership.

I have no idea of what is going to happen next but I think it’s unlikely that a billionaire will buy the club and banish all the financial problems by opening his cheque book. I found support for my opinion in some recent research by BDO. 3 A spokesman said that “there is a dwindling number of genuine potential owners outside the Premier League.” He also said, “Buyers are increasingly likely to be supporters, who recognise the important role that clubs play in their local communities and seem to be willing to go back to basics, with overly ambitious promises of silverware traded for closer ties and greater financial stability.”

I’d be very happy to have financial stability and steady progress but don’t think all Blues fans would agree. Some still want a quick fix and have unrealistic expectations.  Any new owner would probably receive a rapturous reception from all fans.  Once the honeymoon period is over there are bound to be some phoning up the radio stations to have a rant.

  1. Tears of a defender — how Fortuna Düsseldorg fans broke their own player
  2. West Midlands Football Phone-in 14/08/2013, rant starts at 55.12 minutes
  3. One in every three club owners wants to leave football

1 thought on “Rants and expectations

  1. Alan Watton

    Nice to see new and sensible web site. Sad about the German player but its a sad fact that the better one makes communication the easier it is for the loons to take over the asylum. I’m sure when the internet was thought of it was to enlighten and educate not to peddle filth.
    I gave up ‘blogging’ and contributing to Web sites about my beloved Birmingham City because I realise that myself and my readers were not on the same page.
    Standing on the terraces at Yeovil (20 year first) reminded me of the calibre of readership I have left behind.
    Good luck with your Blog but don’t be surprised if those who disagree with you let you know in no uncertain terms

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