Rainbow after the rain

When I set off to go to the game on Friday, I wasn’t at all sure I wanted to go. But, as I was on the bus going to town, I saw a faint rainbow in the sky and that lifted my spirits. I don’t believe that God is a Birmingham City fan and didn’t interpret the rainbow to mean that Blues were going to win. But I remembered that God told Noah that the rainbow was a sign of His promise to all people and thought of other times when a rainbow had encouraged me.

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4 thoughts on “Rainbow after the rain

  1. Peter watson

    My thoughts were exactly as you described like to think we may of turned a corner and have learned to press the game and we have some very good ball players now who are also putting in the hard work off the ball just like to add that delivery from Crawley was top class reminded me of Trev years ago

  2. ivar roth

    In this year of 5780 (Jewish calendar ) I feel that we are going in the right direction; the football is way better than when Noah was our manager. Win,draw or lose I want to see us play this way. There will be more wins if we play a high end game. Noah would have supported the Blues, manager or not. Of this I am sure.

  3. WayCoolBlue

    Maybe there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Blues certainly do deserve some breaks. It would have been unjust if we only got one point out that game. It was a great game. Although stressing at times I’m sure I felt all emotions possible throughout the whole game.


  4. tracey tyler

    Crowley, Sunjic and Colin were awesome, now we just need to put games to bed while we are on top because as Way Cool says it would have been cruel to get just one point that display

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