Post-truth bubbles

Social media has made it possible for events to be reported almost instantly but the news and views that you read depend on what your smart phones/computers show you. There’s too much information for someone to view it all so the computer programs running social media such as Facebook filter some of it out and just give you the kind of information that you prefer. It does this by keeping track of your previous online behaviour.

So different people receive different versions of the news and base their opinions on different facts.  And who has time to check out if all the reported facts are true?  Fake news allegedly was used to help Trump get elected. On Christmas Day, a fake news story prompted Pakistan to issue nuclear warning to Israel. We believe what we want to believe and there’s a tendency for us all to exist in a bubble, surrounded by people and news reports that reinforce what we already believe. It’s not surprising that ‘post-truth’ has been declared the word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries.

On a radio phone-in show I heard a Birmingham City supporter say “we all agree” and I felt like shouting at the radio, “That’s one thing Blues fans never do — they don’t all agree.”  We inhabit our own bubbles, looking down on fans in different bubbles. The change in manager has just given us a new topic to argue over.  Some, while acknowledging what Gary Rowett achieved, think that his style of football was boring and it was time for a change. Others, including me, would have preferred Rowett to stay.  But I’m a Blues fan and feel I have to support the team and the manager we have got. So I’ll be hoping for a win on Saturday and, when I go to the game on Monday, I’ll support the players on the pitch and the manager that selected them.

3 thoughts on “Post-truth bubbles

  1. nicko

    i agree we have to get behind the manager Brighton and derby we played ok and got nothing you look at the team down the road changed there manager playing poor and picking up points. the tide will turn hopefully on Saturday at Barnsley.

  2. john

    That is what democracy is all about, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Most bluenoses and quite a few supporters of other clubs, were shocked (and disappointed ) at Rowett’s sackling , but the decision, rightly or wrongly, has been made, so now it’s time to move on. If Zola does not bring improvements to the way the team performs, I have no doubt, that he will be shown the door just as ruthlessly as Rowett was. It is also highly possible, that TTA, who have been a very successful business company, might find that running a Football Club is a completely different kettle of fish. Obviously as a bluenose, I hope they are extremely successful and I will continue to support the team and the manager.

  3. Muzza

    Was 2 tough games whether rowett or Zola in charge .Probly tougher for Zola not having long with players ..But think in both games blues did ok ..Without Donaldson or cotterill against Derby ,dont think a rowett team would have got much more…Zola needs a couple of his players to hopefully make a difference …Zola likes attacking football what blues fans love …So let’s all get behind him ..Hopefully 2 good results good crowd Monday and will look a bit brighter

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