It feels as though the world is getting more partisan, with people divided on various issues. I have nothing against people who strongly support something or some team but the word ‘partisan’ has further connotations. It is often used when people strongly support something without thinking carefully about it.

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1 thought on “Partisan

  1. Robert Cammerer

    I’m with you I get excited when the young talent come in to first team squad and show us what they have to offer . Look at young Wes Harding he has come in and he has proved worth in my honest opinion. We’ve had few youngsters who have made it into the first team squad and done very well . Gary Monk is a great believer of bringing in the younger players in .We don’t need spend millions on players we have in the past and they have turned out to be flops . This season has been one big mess but Gary Monk has done a fantastic job no money to spend EFL and the FFP sanctions this one person we need to keep he will get us in the premier league and he will keep us up if he is given money spend on a couple of players and I don’t mean millions as this season has proved we just need to keep the passion fight commitment drive and most of all team work. KRO SOTV

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