There are different kinds of ownership.  Coombs, Wheldon, the Kumar brothers, Sullivan and Yeung have all been owners of Birmingham City FC. They’ve controlled the board room and occupied the best seats. But it’s the fans that own the pride and the passion, and pass the memories on from one generation to the next.

It isn’t clear just who is controlling the company that owns Birmingham City at the moment; the dealings of Birmingham International Holdings Ltd are not at all transparent. But it does seem clear that it’s raison d’être is not just a love of football; there are other considerations such as its listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.  BIHL is not alone in this; many of the people who have control over clubs or football organisations have none-football reasons for the decisions they make.

This week, FIFA announced that its investigation of its own World Cup bidding process had found no significant evidence of corruption in connection with the bids. Or, to borrow a heading from an article in the New York Times, FIFA looks at itself and nods in approval. Since then, one of the investigators has disputed that conclusion and the whole affair seems to be developing into a farce.

So how should football supporters react? What do you do if you love the game but hate the way it’s run?  As John Oliver says, in his YouTube video, it is hard to justify getting so much joy out of the World Cup when it is run by an organisation that has caused so much pain.

Birmingham City fans face a similar dilemma: what do you do if you love your club but don’t like the owners?

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  1. phillip

    Since Clifford Coombs handed over to his son Keith the control of Blues, there has not been owners who have had a ny real interest in football for its own sake,,,,,,they have all looked on the club as a means of making money [I dont include the “Kumar Brothers” in this,,,,,,,they tried to do things on the cheap yes,,,,,,but it wasnt their fault the Bank of Bardo failed causing any money coming into the club to dry up ],,,,,,,,Clifford Coombs and the Wiseman,s had the interests of the club at heart,,,,,,the others were only interested in their bank balance,s and how much they could make,,,,,,Wheldon got out as soon as he had sold anything of value,,,,,,including the land and training ground where the N.E.C now stands,,,,,Sullivan and Gold did the same selling for £81 million a club woth not half of that.

    Since Clifford Coombs Blues owners have all been corrupt or incompetant,,,,,,in one case both

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