Outs, ins and team building

Even if Birmingham City’s new signings that play on Saturday turn out to be brilliant, I’m not very hopeful they’ll be able to avoid a 4th consecutive loss for the team. Teams take time to gel when changes are made, even when those changes are not forced but made to improve the team. Blues’ outs and ins during this transfer window are not the result of careful team building, just Lee Clark and company doing their best in dreadful circumstances.  

One positive (and I’m trying very hard to think of positives) is that Birmingham City is seen as a good place for young talent to get game time.  So we get to see some talented youngsters, loaned to us by clubs such as Manchester City and Manchester United.  But you can’t build a team on loan players because they, like Kyle Bartley and Dan Burn, can be recalled.   Lee Clark can’t build a team for the future; he is just trying to survive the season without getting relegated.

I’ll be at the game, fearing the worst but hoping that it won’t be too bad.  Who knows? I might be pleasantly surprised.  The best team doesn’t always win. That’s one of the beauties of football.

2 thoughts on “Outs, ins and team building

  1. Mario

    Be confident this new squad will take us into the play offs! The championship is the worst second tier in Europe and even Clarke should get us up with these new lads in the team! Lump on a blues win today my friend!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ben mountford

    Agree somewhat although I think the signings were in the right areas (finally no more midfielders!) I know certainly macheda has no recall clause in the contract so that’s fine but let’s be right the other 4 players are hardly first team so the chances of being recalled are slim.

    Smile, because this is the first January transfer window I’ve enjoyed in years. No selling of prized assets and brought in good Raw talent from two of the best clubs in the world.

    Positive mental attitude 🙂
    Keep right on!

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