Once more

It’s Saturday, Birmingham City are playing at home and I’ll be going to St Andrew’s once more.  It will be the sixth home game and Blues still haven’t won there this season. As always, I’ll be hoping for a win this time.

I also hoped we’d win against Ipswich, who haven’t had a win this season and are down near the bottom of the table.  The first half was terrible, Ipswich managed to nullify all our efforts and scored two goals. Our crowd was not inspired to provide the level of noise and support that it does when watching a good performance.  Everything changed in the second half. Lukas Jutkiewicz scored, the crowd came to life and we saw another good performance and yet another draw.

Garry Monk has sent a message to Blues fans asking us to support the team even when they are not playing their best football.  It’s the football equivalent of King Henry’s “Once more unto the breach” speech in Shakespeare’s play.  Monk is asking us to have courage when the team falters, to step into the gap between what we want to see and what we are watching, and to provide the kind of support that will inspire the team to put in the performance we want to see. Monk said that if we can do that “it’s a real benefit to the team, to the atmosphere, and can help drag the team back up to a level it needs to go. I know our fans are capable, they can do it and there are moments where they are disappointed with the performance or when it’s not quite going for us. But if they can come through that with a real strong support it’s going to be of benefit to everyone.”

I hope we really are capable of doing that when it’s needed.

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