Notes on Swansea, Made in Brum, AWCA scarf

A victory does wonders for my mood and our 3-1 victory on Wednesday night really lifted my spirits.  Birmingham City fans went home happy after the game and Swansea fans were disappointed. But the emotions are reversed when it comes to fans’ view of the current situation of their clubs.  Blues fans are angry and anxious because of the financial mess our club is in. Swansea fans are happy with the progress their club has made.

There were a couple of interesting articles on Swansea in the fanzine, Made in Brum*, that was on sale before the game.  Peter Shuttleworth, BBC Sport Wales, wrote the story of the club’s rise from rags to Premier League riches.  In 2001 they were on the verge of going out of business until rescued by a group of supporters and local businessmen.  And Gabriel Sutton’s interview of an opposition fan revealed that Swans fans have a chant that says, “We love our chairman!”  That’s not something you’d hear our fans chant too often.

And while I’m mentioning the fanzine I’d like to express my admiration for Big Dave who has been producing and selling MiB for over 13 years, what great commitment that shows.

I’m afraid progress on my scarf project has been hindered by lack of time due to some other commitments. I probably won’t get the online sales sorted out until sometime next week.  I have, however found a Bull Ring Market trader willing to take a few of the scarves.  The market is open on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  I plan to take him a few scarves tomorrow morning, Saturday.  So look out for them if you are going to the market tomorrow. The trader sells football flags and is located at the top end of the market, facing St Martin’s church. If he sells a few scarves I think he will be prepared to take a few more.

*MiB issue 307, click here for MiB website.

5 thoughts on “Notes on Swansea, Made in Brum, AWCA scarf

  1. Sarah

    Myself, my dad and my son had one of the scarves and were interviewed by sky sports after the game wearing it. Such a good idea. You can watch the clip on sky demand – capital one cup.

    1. Puddleglum Post author

      That’s great, Sarah. I don’t have Sky so can’t watch the clip but hope that others will.

        1. Puddleglum Post author

          I won’t be selling them personally but, yes, they will be on sale round the ground. I also managed to get one of the Bull Ring market traders to take a few so if you are in town on Tuesday you might get one there.

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