Not the end of the road

By tomorrow afternoon we will have reached the end of the season but not the end of the road for Birmingham City FC.  Regardless of whether we are in the second or third tier, we will still have a club to support, tears to shed for it and, I hope, something good to celebrate from time to time. But, whether we stay up or go down, the club will be in a precarious position and a change of owner won’t make all the problems disappear.  

My hope is that we get owners who love the club, have enough money to run it and either have a good understanding of the football business or enough sense to employ someone who has. Passion is not enough to win a game and it’s not enough to run a business either. Money is also not enough. Pouring money into a club can buy success but it can’t guarantee it. I know some fans are hoping the club will be bought by a mega millionaire and we’ll shoot up to the Premier League. That’s unlikely and new UEFA Financial Fair Play regulations should make it harder for owners to pour money into a club. I would prefer steady progress and would like us to make use of some of our own young players rather than buy in a team of stars.  I’d be happy with stability now and some success later.

And I’ll be very happy if we avoid relegation tomorrow. As always, as I travel up to Bolton I will be hoping for the best but fearing the worst.

2 thoughts on “Not the end of the road

  1. Kpg

    In complete agreement, I hope we get the bit of luck tomorrow that we may need.


  2. John

    As the kick off is 12.15 at least we won’t have to wait until 5pm to find out if it’s tears of sadness or hopefully, tears of joy ! kro

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