Not simple

Today’s page in my Worst-Case Scenario Daily Survival Calendar lists 18 ways of soothing babies, some of which are contradictory. For example, the list includes

  • Go outside
  • Go inside
  • Put on soft music
  • Put on loud music
  • Turn off music

It reminds me of the advice that some fans direct at Lee Clark. Some sound as though they believe that if he followed their advice and changed one thing, then a losing situation could be instantly transformed into a winning one. Life is rarely that simple and managing a football team never is. And the financial mess and uncertainty at Birmingham City’s must make it worse.

It’s not always possible to accurately predict the consequences of our actions. One of the arguments in favour of setting up the Premier League was that it would reduce the number of games played by the top teams, which would benefit the England team. That hasn’t worked out too well has it?  Though the cynic in me thinks that those who made the decision were more interested in another consequence: when the top teams broke away from the rest of the Football League it meant that they could receive a greater share of the TV money.

The situation with Coventry City is something else that’s not simple.  They will be playing their first game back at the Ricoh Arena this evening, to the delight of their fans who refused to accept their playing home games in Northampton.  A Guardian article provides some details of the complex situation and concludes that this evening will be “a resounding, floodlit, people’s victory. But this ugly affair is still a long way from decent resolution.”  I’m sure that Coventry fans realise their club’s problems are not over but I hope that they can forget about them this evening and enjoy the game.