Not good

Birmingham City’s decade did not get off to a good start. They didn’t play well against Wigan and, at times, some of the players who can usually make decent passes seemed to launch the ball into the air without thinking where it might end up. It was a dispiriting game to watch. 

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9 thoughts on “Not good

  1. Richard Williams

    Can someone tell me what system we are playing because I have no clue, and I am sure the players dont

    1. Mike

      Its a new version of Pointless !!

      We concede goals to every team we play until we can keep a clean sheet we wont win anything.
      Relegation is a cert.

  2. Dave

    Both Ren and Clotet need to go. Simple as. Ren especially should be bombed out as quickly as possible. He is the typical ‘Football Manager’ wannabe Chief Executive who thinks twinkle toe football is the path to fortune and glory. It’s not. Blues are a working man’s club. We do better through graft, always have.

  3. Sausage n Egg

    Thing is it wasn’t just against Wigan… We have been shit for sometime the stats don’t lie. Pep is not a competant manager and Dong is just an idiot.i fear this time we won’t do a great escape. We need action now to install an experienced Championship manager to steady things . Dong just defies belief how our hiding Chinese owner who obviously knows how to make money can leave this joke in charge I will never know

  4. Tim

    I thought Pep had been installed to play a more attractive style of football. It appeared to me that we reverted to a long ball style which doesn’t tick that box and is very predictable.
    Many of our players have passed their sell by date and we just don’t have the players on board to play The attractive quality football for 90 minutes that we all want to see, we need better players!
    As the Board have just given Pep a contract it would be a waste of money to pay him off so they need to put their money where their mouth is, pay big money and buy proven talent instead of paying Pep a pay off fee.
    Bite the bullet, invest big in players that can play the desired style, keep Jude or sell on a “loan back deal” and we should have enough in the existing players to a valid the normal end of season trauma. End of season dump Pep if the experiment failed and install a proven manager. KRO

  5. Peter Bates

    At 3-1 down yesterday the manager disappeared into the dugout obviously ashamed at that performance harley Dean shuts down his twitter account once again we hear how good we are going to be in the future we won’t have any sort of future if the club keeps running on mediocrity performances have been a complete shambles of late and alas no chance of it improving any time soon with this administration and that includes the management and coaches

  6. tracey tyler

    As soon as I saw the Team Sheet yesterday I knew we were in trouble, Gardner Centre Back, its just one of the weird selections Pep has made lately to name but a few. Against Leeds no defender on the bench whats all that about??? McEachran best passer of the ball we have, in one game out the next and nearly always substituted, Villalba where has he gone ????? Have we ever fielded a unchanged team this season ???
    At this rate we will be down

  7. Valentine Mark Phillips

    The current owners have had over 10 years to prove their credentials and they have failed totally. The Club will only continue to decline whilst they are in power to the ultimate point of administration/receivership/liquidation. Every time things start to look up they fall out with the manager viz Rowett, Monk. They clearly have neither interest nor expertise in football, hence all the secrecy.
    There is absolutely no hope until they are gone. Everything that occurs is merely symptomatic of the malaise.

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