Not all bad

Giving advice?

Giving advice?

Birmingham City’s loss to Charlton on Saturday was pretty bad.  Even I started yelling advice to the players and my knowledge of football techniques and tactics is minimal.  I probably should be grateful that I only notice the most glaring of errors. Watching a game like that must be more painful for those who understand more.

But the weekend wasn’t all bad.

Blues Trust announced that Birmingham City Council has agreed to list St Andrew’s as an Asset of Community Value, which was very good news. The announcement1 was made at their AGM, held on Saturday morning.

I became a member of the Blues Trust Board at that meeting, which has implications for what I write on here, my personal blog.  I hope that I can continue to express my personal opinions without readers confusing them with the official policies of the trust.  I think the easiest way to do this is for me to stop mentioning the trust on here.

I was pleased to see the new version of the AWCA scarf2 on sale around the ground.  It’s great that someone else has taken over the project so I don’t have to lug large bags to the ground or arrive really early for games.

This weekend also brought a reminder that Blues fans are not the only ones who are unhappy with their club’s owner.  Cardiff City’s owner, Vincent Tan, has invested a lot of money in the club but has upset fans by changing the club’s colour from blue to red and his treatment of the manager.

An Observer article3 about him and other owners commented that boardroom buffoonery “rarely ends well for the fans.”  One example of buffoonery quoted is that of Flavio Briatore at Queens Park Rangers, who issued instructions to managers during games; once when Gareth Ainsworth left his mobile phone in the dressing room he found 72 missed calls from Briatore after the match.  And Gianni Paladini was involved in that set up at QPR. So I’d like to know who is in the consortium that Paladini is fronting before I pass judgement on if they would be the sort of people I’d like to own my club.

I, like many other Blues fans, would like a change of owner. However I’m afraid I can’t be sure that anyone would be better than what we have now.  The grass is not always greener on the other side.

  1. St. Andrew’s Stadium given Asset of Community Value status
  2. AWCA scarves
  3. Vincent Tan’s antics leave Cardiff’s faces as red as their shirts

5 thoughts on “Not all bad

  1. chris

    Paladini has already stated when he first made a bid about January, was it, that Briatore and Ecclestone are not part of the consortium, thankfully.
    We can only take him at his word.

  2. gerard samuels

    re Gianni Paladini- as I know him personally, no chance Briatore -but what you must realise- that the bid is still the only bid on the table-it is genuine-Gianni Paladini- is tearing his hair out as he has simply been stone-walled by Yeung- not even the courtesy of a direct reply, what was offered by Gianni Paladini was in the circumstances- a realistic and possibly generous offer given the circumstances-however -Yeung and co- are foolish enough to believe they can save or sell the club elsewhere, I doubt , if so to whom ? and selling it to people who do not give a monkies will not advance the club, re-assure its supporters or indeed gain any favour.As for administration, there is still about £2m to come from parachute payments in January-plus sale of Burke, Maybe Randolph, for say £1m-therefore enabling Yeung to string it out until such time he at least has the court verdict,which as always been his priority-not the club ( never will be ) .I personally after 57 years of support have not or will not buy a season ticket under the current regime, other people have been kind enough to invite me to the odd match, and I have travelled to at least 4 away games including Yeovil- as for the future -for me and many others it will remain the same.
    As for protests groups only works if you can protest directly in front of those responsible in this case , Yeung has all the aces, so it is simply suffer and see, who knows how long , one thing is for sure the longer it goes on the more relegation beckons ,after Saturday our manager should take a good look at himself, as although the set of free , loan signings etc are not the best, he chose them, he manages them and I can certainly think of other managers who would not have us in the bottom three with the same players.Unfortunately the manager and his cronies cannot be sacked as they are all on rolling one year contracts-and to pay them off would mean instant administration,what a shambolic mess, blame is purely Yeungs the invisible man, namely Peter Pan ( Pannu ) I rest my case.

  3. fingles

    If we could have an owner who would invest a lot, it would not bother me if we changed strip colour.

    We play in all colours anyway, we change the strip design every year, the badge has changed over the years as has the club’s name.

  4. Bazzathebluenose

    Margaret, I finally purchased one of your scarves at the game on Saturday and it has stimulated a lot of interest at my place of work. I hope you sell many many more through your various outlets. Best wishes, Bazza.

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