Not according to plan

I had planned to spend the weekend in London but changed my plans and stayed just one night so that I could go to the FA cup game against Coventry. 

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6 thoughts on “Not according to plan

  1. Des Workman

    Thought the defence were good, but in front we did not do much. Bellingham was quiet, Sunic flattered, Mccrachan disappeared in the second half. We need a striker now!

  2. Mark

    Come on blues striker now we need it put your hand in your pocket vydra please. Maybe another striker too.

  3. WayCoolBlue

    It was not the best of games unfortunately it did seem like two teams trying not to lose.
    In the first half it was like Birmingham’s par boiled. When was waiting for things to boil over and we would win. Not to be I think the light went out on that Hub in the second half. A draw was a fair result hopefully the rerun will not be more of the same.

  4. Stan Drews

    Didn’t go to the game, really disappointed about the trouble before and after the game, it should have been a friendly meeting of two neighbours, at a unique occasion. To any so called Blues fans involved in this, PACK IT IN !! It brings discredit to the club, it’s supporters and discourages others from going.

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