Not a disaster

I’ll stick with what I wrote in my last post. Losing 0-3 to Barnsley was not a disaster. It was just what happens in football. After the game, I went safely back to my nice, warm home and my life is not in tatters because we lost.

You win some; you lose some.  Anything can and does happen in the Championship.  On Saturday, Norwich won 5-0 and Reading lost 5-0. Few people would have predicted that as Norwich had lost their previous 4 games and Reading had won their previous 4.

Birmingham City came close to scoring several times but didn’t. They spent most of the second half trying to get an equaliser, which became harder when Davies was sent off on 71 minutes. Then Barnsley scored their second goal on 84 minutes and a lot of the crowd walked out of the ground. Some more departed after the third goal 3 minutes later. There are always some who leave games early but a large exodus only occurs when we are losing. I find it discouraging to see the ground empty so quickly and I don’t imagine it boosts our players confidence either.

5 thoughts on “Not a disaster

  1. Dave Blue

    It wasn’t a disaster?

    There were less than a handful of players who came off that pitch with any shred of respect for how they played. Gary Rowett, for a further time this season (rare though it is) made some woeful decisions which cost us our ability to take control of the game.

    The usual suspects in Donaldson and Cotterill were woeful, and the match merely widened the cracks that have been showing for a while. We simply do not have the quality (from top to bottom) to maintain a play-off position, and heavy strengthening is required in January contrary to Rowett’s belief that we only need a couple.

    I’m all for ‘drinking the Kool-Aid’ and putting on those ‘rose tinted spectacles’ – but you’re a little bit too deep this time. People left the ground because of the abject performance on display – that is their right, who gives a crap what those players think after that? They didn’t exactly deserve a standing ovation!

  2. Paul Hawkins

    I wish you tell some of the bluenoses who think that after one result we have become so bad and its all downhill from here. Yes we played bad but long term it may be a good thing and also a wake up call for some of those players who havent been putting in 110% effort week in week out. I dool feel our main weakness is up front and we should look to rectify the situation

  3. Paul Hawkins

    i also feel some of our fans have short memories when you consider where we were 2 or 3 seasons ago and staring relegation in the face. Gary Rowett has done a great job with limited resources and only after the transfer window closes should he be judged when he is finally able to spend proper money

  4. Poul Møller

    Hmmm yes a feeling didn’t look like they tried to fight themselves out og trouble. But what left us with no chance of winning was the foolish second yellow card for Davis. He should be experienced enough to avoid that. He was even lucky a few minutes before. That incident ended our hopes of winning the game

  5. John Baker

    Besides the Barnsley ‘glitch’ our main issue is being a goal scoring threat on a regular basis.

    Donaldson wins less balls in the air than Jutkieiwcz – can we forgive him one sub-par game? – and I’d like to see him up front with Adams and Stewart in a 4-3-2-1 type formation.

    The latter, Stewart, hasn’t had enough playing time to show what he can do. All can I say is that they miss him north of the wee border.

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