A Tweet by Roy Smiljanic led me to an article about Canaries fans turning on Delia Smith.  This reported that, towards the end of Norwich’s loss against Brentford on Friday, some fans were chanting, “We want Delia out.”  In his Tweet, Roy said, “Can’t believe Canaries fans turning on Delia Smith someone who has ploughed in a fortune into team & area & is a committed fan. Huge amount of clubs would want owners like Delia.”  I agree with Roy on this but apparently commitment and caring isn’t enough; they want success.

I can understand wanting success. I would like it too but I don’t expect too much. From Birmingham City’s present position at the bottom of the table, I would define success this season as avoiding relegation. And I’d like Blues to take a step towards that by beating Norwich today. My spark of belief that was kindled by our goal against QPR was fanned into flame by reports of our performance at Sunderland. So I continue to hope.


Click here for a link to Rod Liddle’s article in the Times; you need to register to read the full article.

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  1. Old timer quits

    Not sure you are up to speed with the situation. As for Delia Smith ploughing a fortune into the club, that is well wide of the mark. True she made payments to keep the club afloat back in the 1990’s when she took over. These have been paid back or taken with more shares which has tightened her strangle hold grip on the club.

    Since then she has publicly stated they will be no outside investors and she will hand the shares to her nephew, another Smith with no real knowledge of football or how to run a club

    Fortunes have gone into the club but from TV and Promotion deals. As fans we have had a taste of the high life in the Premiership but we always end up back at the same mess we are in now.. No money, the best players have to be sold , dire football, I still struggle of where all the amounts have money have gone. but like ordinary fans we have accept blindly what we are told via the statements and accounts.

    They have stuck with her for long enough, don’t think that we have not paid the price, high season tickets. there is a theme that runs through the fan base, that we must be grateful for Delia Smith saving the club. She is there fore untouchable, beyond criticism The credit for what she did back in the last century has long been used up, but many fans who at termed Happy Clappers will not have anything said against her. They are the ones who make up the vast majority of voting shareholders , and out vote anyone who see things differently as we recently saw when one brave voice voted and spoke against her re-election to the board

    Just a little footnote it is 55 years since I first entered Carrow Road ground, I know my lub and love it. But have decided to that is enough

    1. Puddleglum Post author

      You obviously know more about Norwich and Delia than I do. and I respect that. But when I think of clubs like Birmingham who had an owner convicted for money laundering and Blackpool’s owners at war with their fans, I still think you could end up with a lot worse owners than Delia Smith.

      1. Old timer quits

        I could equally list clubs who are doing well with other foreign investors, that really swings and roundabouts . It has always been little ole Naridge with Delia and will stay that way. Is there anything wrong with the fans wanting the best for their clubs. with many and growing at Norwich want a change … as no doubt you would too

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