No Epiphany

The Annual General Meeting of Birmingham International Holdings Limited took place on Tuesday January 6th, the feast of Epiphany. This is the day that the Church celebrates the arrival of the magi to worship the infant Jesus and the manifestation of the glory of God to the Gentiles. In a secular context an epiphany is a moment of sudden and great revelation. 

If any Birmingham City supporters experienced what seemed like an epiphany on Tuesday, they were probably confused by Wednesday. At the AGM, Peter Pannu was re-elected as an executive director of BIHL but Panos Pavlakis failed to be re-elected.  The following day, Panos Pavlakis was re-appointed as an executive director by the BIHL board. (The details are on Often Partisan.)  The only thing that seems clear is that there’s a power struggle going on and the whole situation is very messy. And I don’t think that has been a sudden revelation for most supporters.

The situation here in Birmingham is not so bad. The team is playing better, we’ve won some games and there’s a better atmosphere.  We also won the coin toss with Aston Villa to decide when we’d play our fourth round cup ties. I had wrongly assumed that if the police didn’t allow Blues and Villa to play their games at the same time then the Premier team would get their choice of time. So I think it’s brilliant that they decided with a coin toss and that Blues won and chose to play at 3 pm on Saturday.

It’s impossible to predict what is going to happen next in the boardroom battles. Blues supporters have spent three and a half years looking forward to various events, hoping to see some resolution of the problems.  We thought things might get sorted after Carson Yeung’s trial or after the verdict.  Most recently we hoped the AGM might provide some insight on the club’s future.  I think it’s right to be concerned but let’s not let that concern rob us of our enjoyment of the things that go right. Disaster may be just around the corner; that’s all the more reason to enjoy the good times now.