New start

Birmingham City fans greeted the arrival of new owners in 1993 and 2009 with hope and great expectations. David Sullivan and the Gold brothers were heroes when they rescued us from the receivers. Carson Yeung was welcomed when he talked of investing money in the club. There is a sense of relief now that the protracted takeover by Trillion Trophy Asia has finally been completed but I think fans’ expectations are more realistic.

I was encouraged by Paul Suen’s statement and pleased that it indicated they were going to work with “Panos Pavlakis and the Senior Management Team at St. Andrew’s”.  I believe that continuity and steady progress is the way to go.

Daniel with bookDaniel Ivery is making a new start too.  He’s closing down his Often Partisan blog and starting a new one, which will be about ownership in football.  As someone who has struggled to keep a blog going, I have a great admiration for Daniel as a writer who can keep on producing so many readable posts. Some time ago I was at a meeting with a group of supporters from various clubs. During a discussion on ownership problems, a fan from another club said that Birmingham City fans had a great advantage over fans of other clubs because we had Often Partisan to keep us informed.  I agree and want to thank Daniel for all he’s done to reveal the truth and tell us about it.

The team welcomed the previous two owners with wins: a 1-0 win over Oxford on March 6th, 1993 and a 2-1 win over Sunderland on September 24th, 2009.  So I’ll be going to the game this evening hoping they can give a winning welcome to Trillion Trophy Asia.