New Season

When Saturday Comes has published its new season special and Birmingham City play Cambridge today in their first competitive game of the season.  I feel that I should be excited but it’s hard to get excited sitting in front of a computer watching a game being played with no spectators.

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4 thoughts on “New Season

  1. WayCoolBlue

    All the points you make are spot on.
    It’s hard to support from a computer screen. I thought
    It would be good if we could put the app for Blues Tv or ifollow on a smart TV. I think a good 70% off of supporters have one nowadays.

    We will never score from a Roberts long throw hopefully it’s been abandoned.

    1. Bexhill Blue

      With the right cable you can display on your TV and through the stereo. Still crap but better than nothing

  2. R Smith

    The vast majority of Man Utd and Liverpool fans have spent their entire lives watching their favourites via TV or computer screens, and they seem happy enough, so don’t worry too much.

  3. John flavel

    I agree with all the smart Tvs available now.
    You would think the app should be comparable with them. All they need do is upgrade it from a max 720p to 1440p.
    Its not that hard Apple tv and Amazon fire sticks can do that.

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