New season, new numbers

The season starts tomorrow. The transfer window won’t close for another four weeks but at least there will be some real results to discuss and not just transfer rumours. I try to avoid reading about who Birmingham City might sign or who almost signed, but it’s impossible to avoid seeing some of the headlines.

Some headlines make me feel that the world has gone mad.  One about a record £198m transfer for Neymar just seems obscene. How could one footballer be worth that much? It is more than the UK has pledged to efforts to eradicate polio. The news that polio could be eradicated from the world by 2020 is one of the good news stories. I have written about this disease before, about how it killed Jeff Hall, my hero and a true Blues legend.

The club has issued a list of squad numbers so I’ve updated my list of players. Some squad numbers have changed; 4 is now Marc Roberts’ number and Paul Robinson’s is 40. Craig Gardner has 8 and Stephen Gleeson has 50. David Cotterill has moved from 11 to 23. I expect I will need to update my list as more players come or go. I am hoping that one of the players that comes in will be a striker.