Much better

I enjoyed watching Birmingham City play Bournemouth in the FA Cup. Both sets of players played as though they wanted to win and it felt like a proper cup game. There was a good atmosphere, created by the enthusiastic support from both sets of fans.  Though I think the Bournemouth fan who took his shirt off may have supported too enthusiastically and regretted it later.

It was a game we could have won and there was disappointment with the result. Our players looked dejected at the final whistle, especially Vaughan, who had sent his penalty attempt soaring over the crossbar. The man sitting next to me was more disappointed than most. He had placed a bet for Morrison to score first and Blues to win 2-1 that would have netted him over a thousand pounds if Vaughan had scored and Blues had hung on for a win. Some of our fans left before the end but most stayed to applaud. There’s a lot of negative rubbish written online but I think that fans who go to games feel as I do and appreciate players who make an effort even when they lose. The loss on Saturday felt so much better than our last loss at home to Bournemouth, in October 2014, when our team collapsed to that infamous 0-8 result.

I don’t stop appreciating players when they move on to other teams.  So I was glad that Demarai Gray did well in his debut for Leicester. He didn’t look out of place in a Premier League side though, to me, he looked wrong in a blue kit that wasn’t ours. I’m sorry he left us but hope that he goes on to have a great career.

On a personal note, I don’t have enough time to do all the things I’d like to do at present so am not posting on here very often. I also try to write for the Blues Trust site and you can go there to read my thoughts on the magic and money of the FA Cup.