More than eleven

Solihull Moors FC has a great slogan: Moor than eleven. Every successful football team has more than eleven involved in that success. Yesterday evening, the Moors earned a replay against a team from higher in the pyramid. That was achieved by players, coaches, other staff and fans too. It was also one of the more exciting no-score draws I’ve watched.

Today is the first day of meteorological winter, the season when staying home in a warm house can seem like a better choice than sitting in the cold, watching your team play. Whether or not you continue to go to games can depends on many factors; there are other responsibilities to family, friends and work that have to take priority. And, of course, your health; some people need to stay indoors. But for those, like me, who are blessed with good health and are free of other commitments, there is a choice on whether to go to the game or not.

What keeps me going is the belief that fans are important and their support can encourage the players. I’m a small, insignificant part of that team of fans and I should be there supporting them.  There has often been a great atmosphere at St Andrew’s this season, which has reminded me of the J B Priestly quote  that I’ve mentioned before.  He said that going to a football match “turned you into a member of a new community, all brothers together for an hour and half … having pushed your way through a turnstile into another and altogether more splendid life.” At this time, when the country seems divided on so many issues, it feels good to be united with such a great group of fans.

3 thoughts on “More than eleven

  1. Mark

    This club is more than just a football team and some fans. This club is my community centre, I have lived and breathed it from a very young age and been a staunch regular since 1986. Home and away fast approaching 1000 games. My plea to all fans is never think to yourself “I will just pay on the gate” because once you stop committing life takes you further and further from this. You can’t bottle and sell the Euphoria of a goal even more so a last minute winner or a promotion clinching goal. You can watch it on TV but it will never ever feel the same. Anyone who knows this club will know that a full house St Andrews is hard to fight against if you are an away team. I have been taking my son since he was 4 and he is now hitting towards 20 years alongside me and with the world of self involved social media youngsters it’s an absolute blessing to have the father son quality time which is hard to come by. This season my daughter who shunned it for a few years got the bug during the world cup euphoria and is now sampling the Blues version and really starting to get attached. She hasn’t seen them lose which helps and Wigan away will be her first trip on the road. I really can’t explain how great it is to share the euphoria of a goal with my two kids. You don’t get that sitting at home and you definitely don’t get that watching anything else on the TV.

    I have had some amazing experiences including the Cup wins and all the promotions let alone travelling to Brugge to tick off a bucket list item and I would love my daughter to see even half what my son and I have managed to enjoy.

    During the last week we have been dealt a massive blow as a family with news of the ‘C Word’ for their mother and this heartbreaking few days has probably been the worst of our lives or at least since I lost my Blue nose dad 12 years ago to it. So today is a chance to escape the stress of life and for me this is the biggest thing about going to the game you get to put this kind of stuff away for a couple of hours.

    The club anthem really rings true, in life you have to journey on. So come on you guys think of the reasons why you and your family should have a season ticket as opposed to the reasons why you shouldn’t. Get a half season ticket, make the effort.

    1. Puddleglum Post author

      So sorry to hear about your family’s bad news but think your reaction is right. There was a time in my life when both my husband and mother were ill and thoughts of them were always in my mind whatever I was doing, with one exception. When I was watching Blues play, their less-than-brilliant defence required my whole capacity for worry and for a couple of hours I had a break from the stress of my more important worries.

  2. Flakey

    Great post Mark
    My sentiments too
    With all the distractions of life we have today it is easy just to miss the odd game or watch it on a Sky
    Nothing beats being in the ground and soaking up the atmosphere
    I hope your Mom gets better soon and as a Blue she’ll know all about “Keeping Right On”
    I lost my Mom in August to Leukaemia and I miss her terribly but I’ll never forget her for so many wonderful reasons but taking me and my 2 brothers to away games in the seventies being one of them
    She was a true Blue
    So enjoy the game today and enjoy your time together with your Mom
    Forever Blue

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