More change needed

On Tuesday evening it felt as though everything had changed for Birmingham City.  It had only been a couple of weeks since one manager was sacked and eight days since a new one was appointed.  Our previous home game on October 25th had ended 0 – 8, utter humiliation, but hope was renewed following our no-score draw away on November 1st. The crowd too was transformed, from miserable silence to loud support.  I stayed to the end of the Bournemouth game because the team that had capitulated were my team and I felt I needed to be there as long as they were on the pitch. On Tuesday night, I stayed because I wanted to.

But more needs to change.  Birmingham City needs a new owner as well as a new manager.  And we’re not the only club that has had problems with owners.  That’s why I’m committed to Blues Trust and co-operating with supporters from other clubs in working for a change in football governance in this country.  It’s why Blues Trust has joined with Supporters Direct, Coventry and Hereford trusts in a statement in support of Damian Collins’ private members bill on football governance, which has its second reading in parliament today.  It’s why I’ve spent a lot of this week preparing for Blues Trust Annual General Meeting tomorrow.  An AGM is nowhere near as sexy as Gary Rowett but it is a way that I can make a small contribution to the effort to protect football from unfit owners.

1 thought on “More change needed

  1. chris

    I cannot believe that the Championship clubs have voted new FFP rules which will surely lead to more clubs struggling when their great plans and hopes end in tears.
    We’ve gone from being able to have a yearly owner subsidised debt of £5 million to £13 million per year over a 3 year period.
    So an average (withour parachute payments) Championship club with turnover of £15 million will be able to rack up debt of £39 million.
    This is madness.
    The majority of clubs must have voted for this and it would be interesting to know how Blues voted.
    Just when i thought football was getting it’s finances in order they once again show their greed.
    This i believe will lead to higher ticket prices for fans and more stupid wages for players.
    The game has gone.

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