“Peter Pannu may be on £1m a year, but some things money can’t buy,” Colin Tattum Tweeted after Birmingham City’s win on Saturday.  And he added a link1 to a picture of the team celebrating in the dressing room after the game.  

Money can, of course, buy success.  Manchester City, owned by one of the richest men in the world, also won on Saturday. They beat Arsenal 6-3 and are sure to be at or near the top at the end of the season.

Money can also buy food, heat and all the other necessities of life. There are a lot of people in this country who find it a struggle to buy these, including some who are employed by Manchester City and Arsenal. A news item2 yesterday reported that: ‘Citizens UK … calculates that it would take a full-time cleaner at either club 13 years to earn what Ozil or Touré earns in a week.’

The campaign for a living wage is having some effect, here’s another quote from the same article: ‘Manchester City recently became the first club to pledge it would pay a living wage to all apprentices and interns. Nixon Tod, a City fan who has led the campaign for his club to introduce the living wage, welcomed the move: “The next step would be for City to extend that commitment to all the subcontracted staff. This would affect hundreds of people and make Manchester City the leading living wage football club in the Premier League.”’

On a personal note, I can’t afford to buy time by employing a personal assistant so there will probably fewer posts on here this month.  I do enjoy writing for this blog but not as much as I enjoy spending time with friends and going to carol concerts etc.  If you too are busy at this time of year, don’t waste time reading my ramblings, spend it with your family and friends.

  1. Birmingham City FC Official’s photos  – picture from inside dressing room
  2. Super-rich football clubs attacked for keeping ground staff on poverty wages  – While star players earn millions, clubs are resisting demands to raise the pay of catering, cleaning and security staff

1 thought on “Money

  1. chris

    Why should the tax payer subsidise Premier greed and scrounging clubs because some of their low paid employees are on income benefits.
    Many of their players are avoiding tax yet we prop them up from taxpayers money.
    What useless governments we have had and still have, who go on about deficit reduction yet let these scrounging clubs bleed the taxpayer.
    How much tax is Pannu paying in the UK?

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