Memorable day

wearing his scarf

September 25th, 2013 is a day I’m going to remember for a couple of reasons.  For a start, the AWCA scarves were delivered.  I hadn’t realised just how bulky they would be until the 3 very large cartons arrived and I had to figure out where to put them. Some were sold before the game and I was pleased to see a few people wearing them, including the gentleman in the picture.  (My apologies to him but I can’t remember if his name was Mike or Mark.)

The game, of course, was also memorable.  I was expecting to see Blues beaten by a better side but they won and in the second half they were the better side. All our team played well but I was particularly pleased to see good performances from our Academy graduates, Mitch Hancox and Callum Reilly, with Callum picking up the Man of the Match award. It was disappointing to concede at the death and Colin Doyle looked furious.  But we all had smiles on our faces as we made our way home.

4 thoughts on “Memorable day

  1. Alan Ayres

    Can you let me know how to buy one of the scarves (including postage to my home in Hertfordshire)

    Good luck with your initiative and keep right on doing it

    All the best

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